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Our aim is to provide a platform for tutors to advertise for work.


Some questions asked by tutors using this site will be answered here:


Q1: How does this site work?


A1: You can advertise on this site for free by registering as a tutor. You supply your own rates and information.


Q2: How do I communicate with the parents?


A2: Parents who visit the site, will contact you via a private message on the site. You can arrange all details here: time schedules, payment, etc.


Q3: How do I get paid?


A3: There are no agents or agent fees involved. You, the tutor, collect your fees directly from the client as arranged with your client: cash per lesson or monthly into your account.


Thus, this is a free-of-charge service, designed to bring screened, independent tutors together with clients (parents and students) to set up tutoring services directly with each other,  instead of through an agent.


Recommended qualifications:


It is recommended that you have obtained either an A or B symbol in matric in the subject that you wish to tutor. Alternatively, an Education qualification, experience or a degree in the said subject is also recommendable. For Primary level tutoring; patience and experience is preferable.


What is a tutor?


A tutor is someone who has excelled, and or gained experience at the subject they wish to tutor. It can be someone who tutors part-time for pocket money, or full time as a profession.


A tutor needs to be:


  • Well-prepared
  • An excellent communicator
  • Patient
  • Reliable
  • Punctual
  • Organised


Our aim is twofold: to create work and to provide education for all. We specifically aim to assist the mid-to-lower-income areas, such as townships and rural areas, by encouraging tutors in that area to advertise their fees at a general income-related rate, starting from as little as R50 per hour. We believe that this is possible, should you work in an area near you, using the search function.


In our research we found that there are existing tutors that advertise for such low rates in these areas. We do believe that more people will use tutors if they could afford it.


We are not limiting ourselves. TutorDatabase will also be able to cater for the more affluent areas. However, we believe that all people should be able to afford a tutor and have access to one, so we recommend realistic charges.


By advertising directly, you will be in charge of running your own self-employed business. We are simply the gateway for meeting potential clients. You will become your own entrepreneur, learning skills such as: being professional, reliable, punctual, prepared, organised, etc.


We wish you good luck in your endeavors. Always remember to give back to the community.

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