Top Tutors as Googled in South Africa

Top Google searches for School Subject Tutors in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Bloemfontein compared:


The top high school Tutor Subjects as searched for in Google are reported as follows:




Maths tutoring is ranking the highest at an average of 20 searches a month.


Other subjects, such as English tutoring, Science tutoring, History tutoring and Afrikaans tutoring levels at an average of 10 searches per month for each subject.




Maths tutoring is once again ranking the highest in searches with an average of 40 searches per month.


The next most popular subjects are English and Afrikaans tutoring at 20 searches per month.


Science and History tutoring is searched for an average 10 times per month.




Durban levels out with an overall of 10 searches per school subject for English tutoring, Afrikaans tutoring, Science tutoring, History tutoring and Maths tutoring each.


Cape Town:


Cape Town has a similar demand as Johannesburg for Maths tutoring with an overall of 40 searches per month for Maths tutoring.


The other subjects: English tutoring, Afrikaans tutoring, Science tutoring and History tutoring are all searched for only 10 times per month.




Bloemfontein has a similar level search for tutors as Durban in that all the subjects: Maths, English, Science, History and Afrikaans are searched for on an average of 10 times per month.


Thus, the best places to tutor, are in Johannesburg and Cape Town and the tutors most in demand are Maths tutors and then Science tutors.

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