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Managed Service

Welcome to Eureka Tutors – the managed branch of Tutordatabase.

Should you need a tutor, please email us at with your requirements and contact details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can contact us here:


How is Eureka Tutors different from Tutordatabase?

Whereas Tutordatabase is a platform for tutors and students to meet and chat free of charge – managing the placement process themselves at their own rates; Eureka Tutors offers a managed service of finding, screening and placing the tutor for the student at a standard rate.


How does it work?

We will find you a tutor according to your personal specifications and manage the entire process: placing, scheduling, following up and managing payments to the tutor.



Our fee of R230 per hour already has our minimal commission built-in.

Lessons can be bought as packages or monthly and are paid upfront.

At the end of the month, the lessons delivered are compared to the log-sheet you sign with the tutor before payout.

The standard rate is R230p/h. However, on special request, some highly experienced and postgraduate-qualified tutors would be available at a premium rate as would be discussed upfront.


How many lessons are recommended?

This depends on the problem areas your child is struggling in. Should it be a learning problem or a subject that he/she is prone to failing, a regular programme of 1 x week is recommended to effectively correct and maintain remediation.

Whereas many learners and parents would look to tutoring as the last resort, just before tests or exams – we certainly would not recommend this route. Most exams and tests require time, preparation and effort to pass – therefore, it is consistency that would likely get you through, not a crash course.

Quick remediation before tests and exams could only be successful where there are a few areas of a subject that the learner does not understand and need some clarification on, for example with Mathematics or Science. 

However, it should be emphasized that, for maximum results – a tutor’s efforts should be combined with regular practice and commitment from the learner, as well as the parent to see this through.

Should you need our assistance for a tutor, please leave your details here now:


Au Pair Service

  • Do you struggle to get your child to do their homework every day?
  • Do you feel the reason your child does not do well at school is because of a lack of preparation and practice?
  • Are you a working parent that find you do not have enough time to make sure your child is prepared for school every day?
  • Or do you simply not have time for the daily run-about that school-life and after-school activities would require?

In this case, you might need an Au-pair; a “mom’s help” that can be there for the children when the parent’s can’t. 

An Au pair can do the daily run-about to collect and drive around your children, make sure they do all their homework and study and prepare for the next day. 

An Au pair is not a tutor. A tutor is a subject specialist that spends an intensive hour to assess the learner’s problem areas, explain and give remedial practice exercises and review performance and improvement. 

An Au pair on the other hand, is a helping hand. She could make sure all homework gets done and that enough time is spent studying for an exam. However, she would not be a subject specialist where remediation is required. Her role is to make sure all gets done for school and for when the parents get home at night.


Should you need the services of an Au pair, we can assist in finding you one or alternatively refer you to an Au pair agency where we can’t.






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