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At TutorDatabase you will be able to find a tutor closeby, according to your choice. Here you can contact tutors directly and manage them on your own.

Our aim is two-fold: to create employment and to provide education for all. By cutting out the agent, you can find tutors at cost price.


In addition, we also are targeting a new market: that of the mid-to-lower income families. Tutors who stay in these areas are often willing to work for income-related rates, as long as they don’t have to travel far (in which case travelling fees should be contributed to).


In this way, we hope to make tutoring and a good education affordable for all families; not just the high-income and more privileged.


As an added feature to our site, tutors can upload supporting documentation to verify credentials. Parents are encouraged to review these beforehand. In addition to doing your own verification on qualifications and references, the site provides a feedback system in which tutors can be rated for their services.


Get started:


Our system is designed to be easy to use:


1. Do a search for tutors, according to subject and area.
2. Select the tutors you are interested in.
3. Contact tutors to discuss your requirements.
4. Arrange lesson schedules and payment.


Please remember that we are simply providing a platform for finding tutors. Should you require a more managed service, we recommend an agency. They will ask a fee for this, included in the tutor price.

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